Binge subscription issues and how to fix them

Binge, like any other streaming service, has subscription issues sometimes. We need to understand what these problems are and how they can be solved when they arise. This guide has all the information you need to know on Binge subscription issues and how to fix them.

Sometimes, Binge subscription issues can cause other issues as well so it is important to know when it is subscription issues that are making your Binge usage difficult.

Note that loading, quality, and playback issues are not associated with subscription issues. If you are having loading issues, check this guide here for more information on how to fix them.

Binge subscription issues

The following are the main issues associated with subscriptions on Binge;

  • Problems logging in to your Binge account
  • Unable to verify your account
  • Binge keeps throwing you out
  • You cannot access your programs
  • You cannot access your Binge account
how to fix binge subscription issues

Binge subscription verification

To continue using Binge, you must have subscribed to one of their plans. However, if you are not sure if your subscription is still viable or needs renewal, you will need to verify your subscription.

Now, it is easier if you do the verification when signing up for your Binge account. It is usually part of the processes that occur to verify whether it is actually you trying to get into your account.

Here is a simple step-by-step process through which this should be done;

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Time needed: 10 minutes

How to verify your Binge subscription

  1. Open the signup page on Binge

  2. Enter your phone number as required to verify your account

  3. Enter the code sent to you via text on your number

  4. Once the code is verified, you can resume the signup process.

  5. Finalize signing up and continue using Binge.

After verifying the account subscription, you can continue to enjoy services on Binge without any problem. However, if the verification doesn’t go through, it means there might be a problem with the subscription that you need to fix.

You will first need to know how to subscribe to Binge. It is a simple process that requires little knowledge of the Binge plans and how to enter your correct payment details when signing up.

How to subscribe to Binge

how to subscribe to Binge

To subscribe, you will need to visit this page and check the subscription options available for you. Normally, you would choose from the following;

  • use a voucher
  • start a free trial (for new members only)
  • sign in (for current members)

For those customers who have active subscriptions on Flash or kayo sports, you can just enter your details for the other services under the signup page to start using Binge.

How to resolve subscription issues on Binge

There are several issues that you might encounter as a result of subscription errors. To fix them, there are a few things you can do. Let us find out some of the most workable fixes for Binge subscription issues below;

Try signing out and then signing in again

If your subscription is active, you should be able to log back in smoothly. However, if your subscription is expired, you might have trouble signing up until you renew it. It is important to check whether your subscription is still active before you try accessing your Binge account.

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This is simply to check whether the problem is with the subscription or something else on your account.

Update your payment details

You need to check whether the payment details on your account are correct or whether you will need to update them. It might be hard sometimes to update your payment details from your TV.

If you try and you are unable to verify your details from your Tv, you might want to try verifying them from your web browser or mobile device. It is simple as the only thing you have to do is visit your account and tap on “payment details” to confirm.

Resubscribe if your previous subscription is canceled

If you have a problem with your account, it is possible that your current account subscription might have been canceled. For this, you need to find a new plan and resubscribe.

To resubscribe to your account, you need to sign up afresh and select your plan and subscribe again. This will solve a lot of issues that are associated with subscriptions on Binge.

how do I verify your binge subscription?

Binge subscription issues and how to fix them-FAQs

Why is my BINGE account not working?
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You might want to check your internet connection or your device compatibility with Binge. However, sometimes there might be a different issue that is not related to the internet or subscription. Try restarting your device or signing out then signing in to your account again.

How do you reset BINGE on your TV?

To reset Binge on your TV, you will have to plug out your power cable and wait for approximately two minutes before plugging it in again. You can also uninstall the binge app before reinstalling it again. Alternatively, try checking the HDMI singnal.

How do I get BINGE to work?

If your Binge account is not working, there might be different issues that might be affecting you. most probably, your internet connection is not stable enough. You can also try to install a new Binge app or sign up again to see whether your subscription is still active.

How do I stop my BINGE from freezing?

You can simply stop your video for a few minutes before you resume. This will simply allow some time for your video to load. You can also try scrubbing back the video stream 30 seconds to help it stabilise before you resume playing it.

Can you delete your BINGE account?

It is as simple as canceling your subscription on your profile. Visit the profile section on your account and select ‘my account. Then select cancel subscription. After canceling your subscription, you will not be able to access the services on Binge until you subscribe again.

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