Best places to visit in Kenya as a couple

  • Diani beach, afrochic diani
  • Amboseli National park, tortilis camp
  • Sarova Shaba game lodge
  • Nomad beachfront sands
  • Sabuk lodge laikipia plateau safari luxury
  • Lake Nakuru national park
  • Mida creek nature camp
  • Talek bush camp
  • Oseki Masai Mara camp
  • Bamba Kofi tented camps
  • Mamba village kisumu

Kenya is a worldwide spot for safari and tour, leave alone the natural serenity and adventurous nature of the landscapes that traverse the country. As a result, in Kenya, falling in love all over again has never been easier. That’s what makes it the absolute spot for romantics and lovely valentine’s, honeymoon and other family or romantic gateaways.

We’re talking rustic surroundings, azure waters blending with soft sand beaches and timeless serenity that makes it a perfect spot for lovebirds from all over. Open for both local and international tourists, all these places might interest you.

A quick check on the very best of the many available places to visit in Kenya as a couple, we came up with the list on the top of this post just to guide you to a quick shortlist of where to think of first.

This is also a perfect guide to the best places to visit with your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife or as a family. The reason why we chose these spots is that they include major world wonders, they are naturally serene and can give you and your loved one(s) a complete escape from your troubles. Just to take some time off.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on holidays and gateaways, those places are completely affordable. Let us now do a highlight of the top ten places to visit in Kenya as a couple.

Best places to visit in Kenya as a couple and their estimated prices

1.Diani beach, afrochic diani

Diani beach

Just bordering the soft luxury powdery sands of the famous Diani beach is the afrochic Diani beach hotel. This is a villa style intimate boutique hotel that features exemplary and genuine love toned nature.

What makes this villa the best spot for couples is the naturally intimate and friendly surrounding that makes it’s environs. Afrochic boasts a cool and beautiful landscaping featuring gardens and pools, which set the mood right for an indulgent trip.

Diani beach is one of the best beaches in the world. Afrochic enjoys this glory too and is therefore a beautiful spot to start or end your safari or adventure.

2. Amboseli National park, tortilis camp

Amboseli national park with a view of Mt.Kilimanjaro

The heart of a perfect coexistence with nature and an unrivalled reputation for breathtaking view of Kilimanjaro is what defines the Amboseli National park. This is why most people choose this spot for camping and naturally having some fun around real nature.

Amboseli boasts some of the largest elephants in the world and real time interaction with over 1500 of them in the interwoven ecosystem.

Tortilis camp is named after the famous flat topped umbrella thorn trees, acacia tortilis. If you and your loved ones want to enjoy some game drives, a spectacular view of the snow capped mount Kilimanjaro, take some wild walks, have some sundowners and bush meals, you can access all that within this area. Don’t worry, there’s enough room for all that on the 30,000 acre game which harbours the camp.

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3. Sarova Shaba game lodge

Sarova Shaba game lodge

If you want a lovely treat of culture for your lover or family or friends, you can head over to Sarova Shaba game lodge. This one is located in a natural oasis. There are over 85 wooden rooms that have terraces, including the bar and restaurant that have views of the Ewaso Nyiro river.

HeRe you can dine on the river bed, in the bushes, the boma or even in the safari cravans. One thing that this place has is the rich culture which means a lot to the Kenyan people. You can get to enjoy traditional foods and have some fun around. You also have fun with the very skilled tour guides who make your adventure more fun.

4. Nomad beachfront sands

Nomad beachfront

Nomad beachfront sands is located on one of Africa’s best beaches. It is sweet to enjoy some hassle free time on the beach with your partner. This makes it one of the best places to visit in Kenya as a couple. This beachfront is an award winning beach boutique resort that allows you to have a taste of the sea and some fist sand on the beach. Here are some of the best experiences you will have on this beachfront resort.

  • A great collection of wine from across the world
  • First class dining
  • Scuba diving
  • The famous south cost beach experience on the sand.

Catching all these experiences would make a great time for you to interact with nature together with your partner or family and friends.

5.Sabuk lodge laikipia plateau

Sabuk lodge laikipia plateu

This place is best known for the wilderness haven it provides. It si a beautiful gateaways. Enjoy the breathtaking experience on the edge of the northern Laikipia plateau at the sabuk lodge. This spots literally hangs from the plateu overlooking the Ewaso Nyiro river making is a nice place for romantics. The place is surrounded with his and mountains including the great mount Kenya and the Matthews mountains and karisa hills. Some of the activities that take place here include:

  • Horse riding
  • Camelback excursions
  • Romantic candle lit bush dinners and sundowners
  • Safari drives and walks and meet ups with local Samburu people.

6. Lake Nakuru lodge

Lake Nakuru lodge

Lake Nakuru lodge is one of the best park lodges in Kenya, situated inside the lake Nakuru national park. It’s is specifically a beautiful eco lodge that boasts an obstruent view of the lake and the wildlife around the park.

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If you have a great taste for foods across African, indian and american cuisines, this could be the best spot for your romantic gateaways. Be it valentine’s, honeymoon or just some time with nature accompanied by your partner. Here are some of the exclusive activities you will enjoy there;

  • Swimming
  • Champagne breakfast/barbeque
  • Excursion on horsebacks
  • Bird watching
  • Mari spa

Summary of the best places to Visit in Kenya as a couple and the estimated prices;

DestinationEStimated priceSpecifications
Diani beachksh. 15,9042adults/1 night
Amboseli national park tortilis campKsh. 3,3802adults/1night
Sarova Shaba lodgeKsh. 30,6722 adults/1night
Nomad Beachfront sandsKsh. 11,1442 adults/1 night
sabuk lodge laikipia plateuKsh. 6,4502 adults/1night
Lake Nakuru lodgeKsh. 26,0472 adults/1night
Bes places to visit in Kenya as a couple

Best camping sites to visit in Kenya as a couple

1. Mida creek nature camp

Mida creek camp

The mida creek hides one of the sweetest wonders of watamu, Mombasa, in Kenya. It houses a large stretching inland from the sea into the Arabuko sokoke forest, lined with mangrove and palm trees. It is t is a true haven of relaxation mostly associated with camping, birdwatching and a series of water sports. If you crave for a true experience of nature, you should probably try the Mida creeks and have some campout experience. Here are some of the very best experiences at Mida creeks.

  • Bird watching
  • Boat riding and other water sports
  • Swimming
  • Sundowners
  • Fishing
  • Eating coastal foods

2. Talek bush camp

Talek bush camp

If you want to go totally camping at the edge of pure nature, you better consider Talek bush camps. This campout zone is situated at the edge of the Massai Mara game reserve near the Talek gate.

Here, you and your partner will enjoy some good time camping at the edge of the river Talek. There are different camping facilities there which are meant to give you a good and easy experience in the camp.

Some of the services you will enjoy here include:

  • Game drives
  • Nice camping
  • Dinners and sundowners
  • A visit to the Maasai Mara game reserve
  • Adventures of your choice.

3. Bamba Kofi tented camps

Bamba Kofi tented camp

You don’t have to spend your nights in expensive hotels. It’s is quite more romantic to to out camping at night than be somewhere in a room after a long day of exploring nature.

You can continue with the nature exploration at night at Bamba Kofi tented camps. Given that this site is 50 metres from the beach, you can already see what a breatheathtaking spot it is. Here are some of the activities that make this spot the best place to visit in Kenya for couples:

  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Nice camping facilities
  • Nature walks
  • Birdwatching
  • A visit to Mida creeks

4.Oseki Maasai Mara camp

Oseki Maasai Mara camp

You want to have some intimate time with your lover, oseki Maasai Mara could be the best place for you. Better yet, you can access all those amazing camping services on a budget, making it the best spot for anyone who has interest in camping and having some fun nature time.

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Chill out in the traditional cottages with a rich taste of culture and have some time with the locals at oseki camp.

some of the activities you enjoy here include:

  • Bush dinners and sundowners
  • Traditional cottages
  • A visit to Maasai Mara
  • Nature walks
  • Game drives.

A Summary of the camping sites and their estimated prices;

CampsiteEstimated pricenumber of people
Mida creek nature campKSh. 3,0672 adults
Telek bush campKsh. 18,3462 adults
Bamba Kofi tented campsksh.3,0672 adults
Oseki Maasai Mara campKsh.15,3362 adults
Best camping sites in kenya for couples

Best places to visit in Kenya as a couple FAQs

What is the most beautiful town in kenya?

There are so many beautiful towns in Kenya. You can visit any of the following;
Lamu ,Mombasa ,Malindi ,Mtwapa
All these towns are in close proximity and are situated at the coast of kenya

Where should I take a girl on a first date in Nairobi?

Here are some of the best places to go on a first date;
Ololua nature trail, Nairobi safari walk, Panari hotel, Nairobi railway museum, GP karting Nairobi, Fairview coffee estate, Bowing in Nairobi, Heated pool.

Why should couples travel together?

It has been proven that couples in romantic relationships feel satisfied with their relationship when they travel together. It si basically when the couples enjoy quality time together, have a better sex life and share common goals and desires.

How do I do a date in Nairobi ?

Try some of the following ideas for your first date in Nairobi;
Visit a park, go skating at the Panari, Enjoy some art or do some art together, Take a baking class, visit the butterfly park, Have a game night or even watch sunset from a high place or stories up.

Where can I propose in Kenya?

Here are some of the best spots for proposing in Kenya;
Diani beach in Diani, Mombasa, Manda island, Uhuru gardens, Tamarind dhow, Maasai Mara, Girrafe manor, Rolf’s place.

should a husband travel with his wife?

Yes. Experts say that people who are married need some time apart. However they don’t have to separate to be apart. Travelling can be the best way to do this.

whete can I go with my girlfriend on valentine’s?

You can go to some of these activities together on valentine’s day;
Picnic, movie nights or game night after a walk, explore fun outdoor places, visit a park, travel together.

where do singles meet in Nairobi

The following are some of the most popular places where singles could meet.
Muthaiga country club, Asmara bar and restaurant, mercury lounge, chania wood avenue Nairobi, Kiza, galana road.

Is It okay for my boyfriend to travel without me?

It is perfectly okay for either of the two in a couple to have some of their time off and enjoy something on their own. Travelling can be one of them and it does not affect a relationship.

WHen should couples travel together?

Many people prefer that couples should actually wait until they are seven months happily together before thay can go on vacation together.

How do I tell my husband I want to travel alone?

It is quite hard to say this but it is better when you agree first before you travel alone. The best way to say it is to make it a joint decision and do it when your relationship is strong enough. Most importantly, state the reason why you want to do so.

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