Best cars you can buy at sh.300,000-800,000


Best cars you can buy at sh. 300,000-800,000

  1. Mazda Demio
  2. Nissan March
  3. Toyota Vitz
  4. Nissan cube
  5. Toyota belta
  6. Toyota Auris
  7. Subaru Impreza
  8. Toyota IST
  9. Honda fit
  10. Toyota probox

Buying a car is often regarded as an expensive move. When buying a car is mentioned, the majority of people often think about millions of Kenyan shillings. However, you can buy a car for less than 800,000 in Kenya. This article will help you find the ten best cars you can buy at sh. 300,000-800,000.

Before getting to each individual car, it is important to see from a glance what each car costs. The table below summarizes the price of each of the cars available at this price. 

best cars you can buy at sh.300,000-sh.800,000
CarPrice in Kenya (Ksh.)
Mazda Demio500,000-700,000
Nissan march300,000-800,000
Toyota Vitz400,000-700,000
Nissan cube400,000-600,000
Toyota belta600,00-800,000
Toyota Auris800,000-1.200,000
Subaru Impreza400,000-2,000,000
Toyota IST400,000-1000,000
Honda fit600,000-900,000
Toyota probox500,000-800,000
cheapest cars in Kenya and their prices

1. Mazda Demio

Mazda Demio for sale in Kenya

Mazda Demio is one of the cheapest but most efficient cars in the Kenyan market. It has been in production since 1996. It is one of the best cheap cars in Kenya. It is supercompact. It is manufactured and marketed by Mazda. The Mazda Demio has one of the best fuel consumption rates and has a little 1.5-liter engine.

2. Nissan march

Nissan march

The Nissan March has four generations, which are sold at different prices but are affordable. It has been in production since early 1982. It is one of Nissan’s smallest cars. It is very efficient when it comes to fuel. Most Nissan march cars have 1.5 and 1.0-liter engines. The car is available in Kenya at cheap pricing both brand new or used.

3. Toyota Vitz

cheap Toyota Vitz for sale in Kenya

The Toyota Vitz is one of the most popular subcompact vehicles. It comes both in 3-door or 5-door vehicles. The Toyota Vitz is arguably the smallest car in the Kenyan market. It has an incredibly small engine with less than 1000cc. It is one of the cars that anyone looking to buy the cheapest car in Kenya can be attracted to.

4. Nissan cube 

new Nissan cube for sale in Kenya

Nissan cube has been around since 1998. This car is a multi-purpose vehicle. Most of these cars are from Japan and they are imported and marketed in Kenya by DT Dobie. In terms of fuel efficiency, the car has a small 1.4-1.5 engine that is obviously very economical with fuel. You can get this car for less than ksh.800,000 in Kenya. If you love spacious subcompact cars, this could be the best option for you.

5. Toyota Belta

Toyota belta for sale

Toyota belt is probably the smallest saloon car available in the Kenyan market. It shares a lot of features with the Toyota Vitz. It has a 1000cc engine with up to 109horse horsepower. It is one of the most dependable saloon cars available in Kenya. This car costs less than sh.1,000,000. Given its price, it is one of the best cars you can buy at such a price. 

6. Toyota Auris

Toyota Auris

The Toyota Auris is one of the smallest hatchbacks that are available in Kenya. Most people consider it a replacement for the Toyota Allex. The car is available in 3-door and 5-door versions. Its construction as a hatchback is greatly derived from the Toyota Corolla. 

The car comes in versions that have either 1.3L or 1.8L engines. Most of these cars are sold at sh. 800,000 and above. The reason why it falls in this bracket is that it has more advanced features than its counterparts. 

7. Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza for sale in Kenya

If you are on a budget you still need a very nice car, the Impreza might be your choice. It comes both as 4-door saloons and 5-door hatchbacks. The engines range from 1.5L-2.5L capacity. The main feature that brings this car on top is its fast speed and great efficiency. In Kenya, the third-generation versions with 1.8L engines are the most popular. Generally, this car is worth its price and is efficient.

8. Toyota IST

new Toyota IST

This car is known as the urban cruiser. It is one of the coolest cars available at its price in Kenya. The main versions of this car have engine capacities ranging from 1.3L-1.5L. The IST is a subcompact hatchback with 5 doors. Despite its small size, it is one of the most spacious and advanced small cars we have in Kenya at that size.

9. Honda fit

honda fit price in Kenya

The Honda Fit has been in production since 2001. It is a five-seater hatchback with five doors. It is surprisingly one of the most spacious cars of its size. The engine capacity ranges from 1.2-to 1.5 liters. Being efficient and spacious it is one of the most purchased Carson Kenya. The Honda Fit is available at a price of ksh.600,000-900,000. Honda fit is arguably one of the most reliable and luxurious subcompact cars in the Kenyan market. You can read more about honda fit in this guide.

10. Toyota Probox

toyota probox

This is one of the most popular cars in Kenya. It is known for its light body and very high speed. The probox is cheap to purchase and it is very spacious for its size, especially its trunk. The car is a five-door station wagon with a high fuel economy and high power output on the engine. It has a 1496 cc engine. It’s most preferred by businessmen and women who love it because of its spacious nature. You can purchase this car at Ksh. 500,000-800,000 in Kenya.

Best cars you can buy at sh. 300,000-800,000-buying guide

When going to purchase a car, you should look at different factors. The following features will help you select the best car at Ksh 3,00,000.

Fuel economy

Fuel economy is the first thing that you should look at when you are looking for a cheap car to buy in Kenya. The main reason for this is that you can end up spending more, just by buying a cheap car. Make sure you can manage its fuel economy. 

Apart from that, your car might be a used one and you might have acquired one that has a defect in fuel consumption. 

Performing a test when buying the car will be important to know how much fuel it consumes.

The price of the car

Budget is very key when it comes to cheap cars. Buying a cheap car on a budget will need you to find the cheapest but still have the features you desire. Therefore, looking at your budget and the price being provided is most important in this process.


Checking the features of the car is also very important. Features go hand in hand with the price. A Subaru Impreza for example might cost slightly higher than a Toyota Vitz because it has more advanced features compared to the Vitz.

The supplier

The dealership and supply of these cars can sometimes be a difficult twist, especially for used cars. The supply should then be a very important aspect in the purchase process. It is very important to check on the suppliers before you can then embark on purchasing the car. For brand new cars, however, it is easy since you can just go and acquire one from the certified dealer or the manufacturing company outlet in Kenya.

The engine

The engine is important to consider when you are buying a car. It is important to do some research about the engine of the car you want to buy. In the case of a used car, you can have a trusted mechanic go with you to help you perform the necessary checks. The engine, especially when brand new should however not be a problem but knowing its capacity and power is important.

Best cars you can buy at sh. 300,000-800,000- FAQs

What is the best car to buy in Kenya?

Depending on your budget and preferences, any car could be the best. However, there are a few recommendations we can make on this. Some of the best cars you can buy in Kenya include; the Volkswagen polo, Mazda Demio, Nissan march, Toyota IST, Toyota belta, and honda fit.

What is the most reasonable car to buy?

The most reasonable car to buy may be one with the best features and efficiency but sold at an average price. Some of the cheapest cars with nice features include Honda fit, Toyota belta, and Subaru Impreza. the Impreza is specifically the most liked when it comes to its features and speed. Any car that best matches the expectations is what should be considered the most reasonable.

How much does Noah cost in Kenya?

The Toyota Noah is one of the best station wagons in Kenya. It combines luxury and a spacious interior. the car goes at a price of sh. 3.8million-sh. 4.7million. for its features and consumption rate, this is a fair price.

Which is the most fuel-efficient car in Kenya?

Some of the most fuel-efficient cars in Kenya include; the Mazda axela, Toyota Prius, Honda fit hybrid, Toyota corolla, and Volkswagen golf. All these cars have a relatively low fuel consumption rate and can be budget-friendly when it comes to fuel prices.

Is there a Bugatti in Kenya?

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is one of the best cars in Kenya at the moment. Despite being very expensive, some people still own them around the cities. There are other sports cars too but they are not as popular as this Bugatti.

How much is v8 in Kenya?

The Toyota land cruiser v8 marks a certain class of prestige in Kenya. It is one of the most expensive SUVs in the country. The car goes at a price of sh.7.5million-sh.11.5 million when bought brand new. The price varies according to the model and year of manufacture.

What car will last the longest?

When it comes to lasting log, the Toyota land cruiser, the Toyota Sequoia, and the Chevrolet suburban might easily take the top rank. apart from being manufactured almost perfectly, the cars stand a good chance with rough terrain and adverse conditions. However, it is important to note that any car can last pretty long if taken good care of.

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