Best car brand prices and suppliers in Kenya

Cars happen to have taken a great impact on the daily lives of Kenyans. As a result, Kenya has become one of the most significant marketers of car brands in the market today. Be it for luxury and comfort, just mobility, public transport, or even convenience, the car brand matters a lot. However, these brands vary a lot in the pricing, their durability, and even the cost of maintenance and fuelling. Understanding the best car brand prices and suppliers in Kenya will help you land your dream car brand and know how to use and maintain it.

In a bid to look more superior, two major categories of car brands in Kenya emerge as the most reputed. These are the Geman cars, commonly referred to as the “German machines” and the Japanese cars.

There are also other cars from neither of the two countries which are celebrated and well-reputed in Kenya. We shall also be looking at them later in this article. The first two categories, however, compete a lot. That aside, now let’s find out the best brands in the country and their respective suppliers in Kenya.

German cars

German machines, as they are most commonly referred to in Kenya, seem to be the most prevalent with the rich in Kenya. The most common brands of German cars in Kenya include;

1. BMW


BMW boasts some of the best machines from Germany. They have taken deep root in Kenya and they seem to have a great impact on the social sphere of their owners. The cars are quite expensive but worth every cent of their valued price. BMW cars come in different forms and sizes. We have the SUVs, the crossovers, and the sedans. All these vary in price but they happen to take one of the highest spots in the car brand reputation in Kenya.

There are so many open car dealerships in Kenya that sell BMW. However, the main outlet is the BMW Nairobi dealership. Located in Westlands, Nairobi, this happens to be the biggest all-BMW dealer in Kenya. However, there are other sellers who sell BMW cars all over the country. The following table summarizes the types of BMW cars in Kenya and their pricing in the country;

BMW x7 for sale in Kenya
Typeprice range in Kenya[ksh.]
BMW SUVs [x-series]5M-12M
BMW Crossovers[Ix, X5-2022,2021-X4, X6M]3.5M-5M
BMW hybrids[7,5, X5,3]2M-11M
BMW Sedans[ 3SERIES,5SERIES,7SERIES, I series]1M-6M
BMW car types and their price range in Kenya

2. Mercedes Benz

mercedes benz

Mercedes Benz is one of the most prestigious and luxurious car brands in Kenya. It is also associated with the rich in Kenya. This brand has several outlets in Kenya, with the main one being in Nairobi, Kenya. Car dealers all over the country also have Mercedes cars. Mercedes Benz cars are also expensive like their German counterparts.

They are often durable and they are well reputed for their luxurious exterior and interiors. This car brand is a good seller in Kenya and it is pitched highly in terms of pricing. There are also different types of Mercedes Benz cars in the country. They include the following;

  • Mercedes Benz S-class
  • Mercedes G-class
  • Mercedes A-class
  • Mercedes B- class
  • Mercedes E- class
  • Mercedes V-class

All the above are priced differently and they have different designs. Each class boasts a number of different car models which have different features that contribute to the overall appeal of the Mercedes Benz car community.

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3. Audi


Audi makes up the top cars brands list as one of the best car brands in Kenya. Audi boasts a number of models that are specific to luxury and great design both on the interior and exterior.

Audi, being one of the most prestigious machines in Kenya, is very expensive, just like its counterparts. It comes in different sizes as well. It has a wide range of dealerships all over the country. You can buy an Audi car in Kenya from any nearest car dealership or from legit online car sellers in Kenya. The following are the best Audi cars in Kenya;

  • Audi Q3
  • Audi A8
  • Audi A6
  • Audi Q3
  • Audi Q7
  • Audi A4
  • Audi A5

These and many others make the large Audi community that is well cherished and reputed in Kenya. Audi car prices range from Ksh.2.3 million- to Ksh.11 million in Kenya.

4. Volkswagen


Volkswagen vehicles are also a great German brand that is quite prevalent in Kenya. Many people own different Volkswagen cars in Kenya. The brand has a deep-rooted culture of highly precise vehicles that are very specific with high performance and durability alongside luxury and prestige. Volkswagen however, does not base only on personal transport. It also features a totally different set of vehicles that are used for transport, delivery vans, trucks as well as many other purposes. Volkswagen vehicles include the following;

  • VW polo Vivo
  • VW Touareg
  • VW Amarok
  • VW Amarok canyon
  • VW caddy
  • Caddy transport dropside
  • Caddy Kombi
  • VW Tiguan

The prices of Volkswagen cars in Kenya range between ksh. 2 million and Ksh. 10million. They are found across all car dealerships in the country alongside the main Volkswagen outlet in Nairobi, Kenya.

Japanese cars

1. Toyota


The Kenyan roads are mostly populated by Toyota cars. Among the Best car brand prices and suppliers in Kenya, Toyota happens to be more affordable and easy to maintain. Apart from that, there is the ease of finding their spare parts which would otherwise be a problem to find with other brands.

Toyota being, the top car brand in Kenya has earned a lot of popularity with its wide range of cars it produces and their availability and favorable prices. Toyota’s recent expansion has seen broad success in Kenya since most of the cars that are on the Kenyan roads are now Toyota cars. The likes of Subaru which happen to be also well-reputed in Kenya fall under the Toyota umbrella.

There are basically so many models and types of car brands in Kenya. Toyota has its dealerships spread across several cities and towns in Kenya. The beautiful thing with Toyota is that the maintenance is easy to carry out and their spare parts are the easiest to find in stores.

Toyota cars spread across luxury, prestige, transport, and many other functions that come with the different models available. Toyota car prices range from Ksh. 600,000-Ksh 8million. The most common Toyota cars include;

  • Toyota Prado
  • Toyota land cruiser
  • Toyota Harrier
  • Toyota Noah
  • Toyota Allion
  • Toyota Vitz
  • Toyota Mark X
  • Toyota Passo
  • Toyota corolla

2. Nissan

buy new nissan patrol in kenya

Nissan, like Toyota, has a variety of vehicles that make the biggest population of common cars on the road. It also boasts a lot of durability, availability, and affordability. Nissan vehicles are there in different models and types to choose from.

With great manufacturing precision, the vehicles can run a number of errands and can be fit for a number of purposes all around. The most common Nissan vehicles include;

  • Nissan X-trail
  • Nissan navara
  • Nissan patrol
  • Nissan magnite.
  • Nissan skyline
  • Nissan juke
  • Nissan Serena
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The price of Nissan in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 700,000- Ksh 8 million. With this huge price range, almost everyone has something to pick from.

3. Honda


Honda continues to push its boundaries of innovation and conquer the African market. Kenya, being one of the countries that have made this a pure success, has a lot of Honda cars on its roads. Just like many other brands, Honda boasts different sizes and types which ultimately cultivate the “power of dreams” as they believe. The most common Honda cars in Kenya include;

  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda civic
  • Honda fit
  • Honda step wagon
  • Honda civic

4. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi literally means “three diamonds” in Japanese. This symbolizes its position and power in the car community. Mitsubishi combines a huge deal of luxury, compatibility, and convenience to bring Kenyans a number of vehicles that can literally perform every duty.

Mitsubishi has huge vehicles, passenger class vehicles, luxury, and personal class vehicles in every type and design. Mitsubishi has a number of categories to suit different prices, which makes it affordable for many people across the country.

Its main dealer is Simba corporation from which Mitsubishi spreads its cars all over the country.

5. Suzuki

Suzuki has been in Kenya since the 1970s. Its first locally assembled car was officially driven out of the assembly plant in 1977 marking the start of good services in the country. Suzuki cars are quite affordable and they too are available in a number of sizes and designs, ranging from buses, passenger vehicles, heavy movers, trucks SUVs, and many other options to choose from. They are also very common on Kenyan roads since they are very durable and easy to maintain at the same time. Suzuki has their own dealerships across the country. Suzuki makes up a great part of vehicles that define some of the best car brand prices and suppliers in kenya.

British Car brands in Kenya

The Rover group

new land rover cars for sale in kenya (the rover)

This happens to be one of the very best car brands and suppliers in Kenya. It consists of the high-end beefy SUVs in Kenya and a number of other gems like the range rover family, the land Rover family, the jaguar, and many others.

Range rover

Range Rover cars are very prevalent on Kenya roads. They boast sports utility vehicles of all sorts with a high-notch touch of luxury. They are therefore placed very high in the line of prestige. As a result of their high-end features both on the interior and exterior, they are very expensive.

However, relatively many people own them all over the country. Range Rover has a number of vehicles under its name which gives a wide variety of choices. The price in Kenya ranges between Ksh.8 million- Ksh.25 million.

Land Rover

These have high-end durability and heavy muscle. Mixed with a touch of luxury, they complete many people’s desires. Land Rover cars are available in many sizes, styles, and types. They are also very expensive but worth every dollar you spend on them. The most common land rovers in Kenya include;

  • Land Rover defender
  • Land Rover pathfinder
  • Land Rover discovery

The land Rover group distributes its cars through several dealerships in the country. However, their main outlet is their land Rover dealership in Nairobi.

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ford ranger

Ford is well established in Kenya. It has a wide range of cars for different purposes. However, in Kenya, the ford ranger pick-up truck is the most prevalent alongside the Ford Mustang and many other cars from Ford that are used in Kenya. Being the most widespread, the Ford ranger costs Ksh.4 million-Ksh. 4.8 million in Kenya.

Ford distributes its cars through different car dealerships in Kenya as well.



Mobius is the first-ever Kenyan locally manufactured car. Its recent opening has opened a new chapter for the Kenyan automotive industry, giving Kenya as a country a place in its own market. There are few Mobius cars which are bought at around Ksh. 3Million from the Mobius company in Kenya.

They are best known for conforming to the rough Kenyan terrain and having enough power to maintain luxury in the harshest terrains.

Those are some of the Best car brand prices and suppliers in Kenya capturing details of the types and their availability in Kenya. The car brands discussed above continue to open the automotive industry in Kenya and rewrite the future of Cars in Kenya.

Best car brand prices and suppliers in Kenya-FAQs

Which car brand is the best in Kenya?

Toyota and Subaru cars are the most preferred cars in the country. Various cars from the brand continue to top the charts in Kenya over time.

Which is the most sold car in Kenya 2021?

Toyota Premio
Nissan note
Mazda Demio
Toyota corolla
Nissan X-Trail
Toyota Vitz
Toyota Hiace

What is the cheapest place to buy a car?

In Kenya, it depends on how much you are willing to spend on the car. the dealerships have a variety to choose from as well as deals for different cars. considering these factors, any car dealership that suits your financial interest ends up being your cheapest.

What is the best company to buy a car from?

have been rated the best companies to buy a car from. read more about buying cars in Kenya here

Which is the best family car in Kenya?

the following are the best-rated family cars in Kenya;
honda CR-V
Nissan x-trail
Toyota Voxy
Toyota Noah
Subaru Outback

Which is the most sold car in Kenya?

Toyota Hilux, ford ranger, honda fit, Nissan x-trail, Mitsubishi FH, and Mercedes Actros are the best-selling new cars in Kenya in 2022. they are available all over Kenya at different dealerships.

Which is the most fuel-efficient car in Kenya?

Toyota Vitz, honda fit hybrid, Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Corolla, Mazda Demio, and Mazda axela are the most fuel-efficient cars in Kenya. They have relatively low fuel consumption rates and they can go for long distances on little fuel.

How much is v8 in Kenya?

The price of a new Toyota Land cruiser v8 in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 7 million -ksh. 11 million on average. The price varies with the outlet you are buying from as well as a number of other factors.

Is there a Bugatti in Kenya?

There are a few Bugatti cars in Kenya today. the most commonly spotted in Kenya is the Bugatti Veyron grand sports vitesse. it is owned by a few rich people in Kenya and it is mostly imported from abroad. Most of them are owned in the coastal city of Mombasa.

How much is a new fielder car in Kenya?

A new Toyota fielder in Kenya ranges between a price of Ksh. 2 million- Ksh 3 million. it is quite cheaper when buying a used one. it is one of the most reliable cars in Kenya and many people like it for its spacious interior.

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